Operational excellence

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Innovate with aligned business and technology

The fast pace at which markets are changing requires your organization to adjust. Change, however, involves risk. To minimize risk and change with confidence the communication between business and technology need to be aligned. With a business glossary, it is easier than ever to retrieve KPI's or other metrics or to determine the impact of changes at any level.

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Improve the understanding of your business

A shared understanding of the core business concepts and terminology increases the effectiveness of communication and decreases miscommunication. Misaligned reports being a single and merely innocent example. Are the different sales report in your organization comparable? Do units agree on a single definition of customer, a sale and profit?

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Address GDPR compliancy and other data regulations

Compliance with data regulations is not only a legal obligation. It moves your organization from an application-centric approach to a data-centric approach, enabling the possibility to fully embrace customer centricity. With a business glossary you'll be in the right position to comply with data regulations and improve your organisation as well.

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Everything you need

Methodology driven

Building a business glossary is not easy. Our methodology guides you through the process and gives usefull tools to build the glossary effortlessly.


Add extra information, or remove information to business terms. It your organizations' business glossary no need to adjust the organization, the business glossary adapts to your organization.

Multilingual glossary

Often many languages are spoken in an enterprise. Mostly likely a single language has been appointed as the primary language, This is the language the business terminology should be defined in, however to many users of the business glossary an glossary in their language is beneficial.

Easily searcheable business concepts and associated knowledge

What is a glossary worth if you can't find the terms you're looking for? The business glossary is the place to gain knowledge about the organisation and easy access is paramount.

Comply to processes

Setup a multi-level elicitation, review and publishing process to increase the accuracy of the business glossary and increase trust in it.

Collaboritive creation

A business glossary is normally build up by several people. We support workflows to allow multiple parties to participate in the creation of terms.